Progressive Cavity Pump

Industrial Progressive Cavity Pump is the most preferred pump for transferring fluids that are inefficient to transfer with centrifugal pumps. The major advantage of installing a PC Pump in your industry is that they are highly capable of pumping different viscosities. The cavity pump materials are subjected to withstand the pressure developed within the pump. High Viscous fluids have very low flowing properties and take a longer operational time. Wherein Industrial Positive Displacement Pump supports your firm in drastically reducing the operational time with enhance pumping efficiency. At Hydro Prokav, we manufacture PC Pumps that are suitable for accommodating the various requirements. The industrial progressive pump that we deliver to our clients are top-rated in the market as it enhances productivity and in turn, brings more ROI to your business. HP Pumps has changed the perception of many industrial players on high viscous pumping solutions. 

With the rapid changes in customer requirements, the progressive cavity pump from HP Pump support various industries to supply their product expertise to the demand influenced by the market with our pumping solutions and make sure they seize the available opportunity at the right time. As a leading manufacturer of industrial progressive cavity pumps, we introduced our flagship pumping solution to the market thus creating a huge impact in the segment. Our flagship PC Pumps are  KM 2000, KL Series, KYM KH, Hygiene Sanitary Vertical Pumps, Hygiene Sanitary Horizontal Pumps, KX Series and Retrofit Spare Parts. As our pumps are cost-effective, it gives leverage to our clients to gain more returns and it is highly durable thus incurring very little maintenance over a period of time.


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