Hygiene Sanitary Design Horizontal PUMPS

Hygiene Sanitary Design Horizontal Pumps


The KYM-F, WF, BB & FCC series pumps are manufactured exclusively for use in food, beverage and cosmetic industries. The construction is simple, and the focus is on effective and fast cleaning.The metallic parts in contact with the media are of 316- 304 stainless steel with the characteristic smooth finish of Hydro Prokrav. Wide- throat Hopper Inlets comprising coupling rod mounted augers can be provided for media that are highly viscous in nature.

The pumping elements consist of a precision machined single helical metal rotor and a double helical elastomer stator. With the rotor engaged in the stator a seal line is formed along the axis of the rotor. The seal line is maintained in both static and dynamic conditions. As the rotor turns inside the stator, a series of cavities form that progress from the suction to the discharge end of the pump. As one cavity opens and closes, it's opposing cavity closes and opens at exactly the same rate resulting in a constant non-pulsating fluid flow.

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Salient Features

  • Cleaning In Place
  • High Suction Lift
  • Low Fluid Velocity
  • Non Contaminating Metals
  • No Retaining Pockets
  • Non Clogging
  • Positive Displacement
  • Reversible
  • Self Priming
  • Uniform Flow
  • versatility


  • Food
  • Pharma And Cosmetics


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